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frequently asked questions

Where did the arena’s name come from?

Before the repair of the invisible fence (severed by a bulldozer during original arena construction), the Stancampiano's late golden retriever, Reggae, was fond of retrieving deer bones from the adjacent woods and proudly depositing them in the middle of the yard.

How can I use the arena?

Check our calendar and show up for scheduled Open Skates, Rock N' Skate Family Nights, or reserved member times. Please see the rates page for more information.

To rent the facility, please fill out the contact form located here or contact Brian Stancampiano @ 585-737-1601.


Where should I park?

The driveway adjacent to Shooters Bar & Grill parking lot is the most convenient entrance for you. ​Please know that all parking is at the customer's risk. To avoid potential flying pucks, please park to the far right in front of the rail road tracks. Please do not park at the west end of the rink. These spaces are reserved for Parisi Speed School customers. 

What are the Hours of Operation?

Weather permitting, Deer Bone Arena can be open 7 days a week from 6am- to midnight. Please check our calendar on the home page for current availability and hours.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

All hockey players including coaches must wear helmets at all times on the ice regardless of age and experience. For Rock N' Skate Family Nights (no sticks and pucks) helmets are required for young children and strongly recommended for everyone else. Helmets are available to rent at the Deer Bone Arena office.

Do I have to wear full equipment?

Full equipment is not required but shin pads and gloves are recommended. 

Can I rent equipment?

Skates, helmets, sticks, gloves and goalkeeping equipment can all be rented at the Deer Bone Arena office.

​How old do I have to be to skate at Deer Bone Arena?

People of all ages are welcome at Deer Bone Arena! Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.​

How thick is the ice?

Generally, we try to maintain 2-3 inches of ice.

How do you resurface it?

With a Nicerink resurfacer