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Winter Classic 3 on 3 Tournament - FEB 16-18, 2018

The 3 Day winter classic tourney is rescheduled for Feb 16-18, 2018. Don't miss this premier event sponsored by Wright Beverage. Register a team or sign up as an individual. Adult men and women Novice level to Elite level players age 21 and older are invited to compete. Teams will be placed in divisions according to age and overall team skill level. 

Tourney format

  • 3 on 3 format. Max of 7 players per roster
  • 3 games guaranteed. 1 Friday night and two on Saturday
  • Each game will consist of two 15 minute running time periods.
  • Top teams will advance to semis and finals late Saturday or early Sunday am

Tourney will start at 4PM on Friday and conclude at 3PM on Sunday. 

If weather does not cooperate, the tourney will take place on the following weekend 2/23-25. 

2 or 3 divisions depending on response rate.

  • Under 40
  • Over 40
  • Open - all ages, highest skill levels

Sign up as a team or as an individual by completing the form to the right. You will then receive an official entry form and roster in an email.

Entry Fee

$300.00 per team 

$50.00 as an individual - We will place you on appropriate team & division

Entry fee includes tourney, beer and prizes.

We can only accommodate 15 teams, so sign up ASAP to ensure your spot. Teams can have up to 7 players per roster.

Payment options:
1) Go to PayPal ( and select “send money” to use a credit or debit card. Enter the following email address when prompted:
2) Mail check or money order to Deer Bone Arena, 1 Cole St, Fairport, NY 14450.
3) Credit or debit card - Call or text Brian, with #, exp date, sec code & zip code (585-737-1601)

Winter Classic Rules

  • Each team plays all other teams in round robin games - 3 on 3 format.
  • Goals are scored in 1 of 5 holes on the shooter tutor. High corners are out of play unless you’re on a breakaway.
  • No dunking. Shot must be released from outside the goal crease.
  • Top 2 teams play for gold. 3 & 4 play for bronze.
  • No "goaltending" allowed (knees, laying down, etc.). Must remain outside of crease.
  • Captains must insure teams are ready to play at assigned times.
  • Puck out of play: new puck thrown in from center ice to team not responsible.
  • After a goal: Defending team, "takes puck out". Attacking team must retreat to red line prior to forechecking.
  • Penalties result in a penalty shot from center ice.
  • Mandatory equipment: Helmets with chin straps fastened, gloves, shin guards & elbow pads. 


Call Brian at 585-737-1601

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