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The buildiing of Deer Bone Arena @ Village Sports

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"Deer Bone Ice Rink Attracts Hockey Fans From All Over" - TV spot by Thad Brown, CH 8

"A frozen 'Field of Dreams' is for sale" - Read Dave Andreatta's D&C article & video from 3/10/15.​

​Deer Bone Arena Members to Thank

Deer Bone Arena would not be possible without the generous support of over 300 friends, family members and sponsors. These people have contributed time and materials over the years. Their contributions heave earned them "perpetual season tickets" which provides preferred access and discounts. Please join us in extending our gratitude to all Deer Bone Arena members for their generous contributions and creative ideas.


Let the good times & memories continue

​Deer Bone Arena opened at Village Sports on 12/20/16. Since 1996, Deer Bone Arena has been providing cherished memories to the Rochester hockey community. 

Well over 1,000 kids have experienced the joy and skill development that comes from classic back yard hockey. Thanks to a joint venture between Village Sports Inc. and Cusperience Inc. the memories will continue. The respective owners, Glenn Collins and Brian Stancampiano, both share a passion for enabling outdoor hockey memories at affordable rates.

How did it start?

Deer Bone Arena was built in response to Noah Stancampianos (5 at the time) inquiry about a skating rink in the families then hilly, Caywood Lane yard. Having grown up with one in his backyard, that was the only encouragement Brian needed.  After consulting with his wife Sara, friends for ideas, neighbors and the town for permission, a bulldozer leveled a spot for the rink. Deer Bone Arena is now in its 3rd location,

Deer Bone Arena on Caywood Lane - 1996- 2001

Deer Bone Arena on Sylvan Glen - 2001 - 2016

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